5 weeks in

My daughter is now five weeks old and I feel it is time to be positive:

1. The Toddler is now settling himself for naps again, even though he will still mournfully request “aaien” [hair stroking]. For the past few weeks I have been sitting next to his bed and stroking his hair to help him off to sleep as he has been too excited to go to sleep by himself. However, with my husband back at work, there is nobody to hold the potentially screaming baby while I do this – not an ideal situation. So now when he asks: “aaien?”, I just stroke his head twice and tell him “sleep well”. Hard to be firm but so worth it!

2. Breastfeeding success! After a 4 week strike, the baby is now finally feeding from both breasts. This is a huge triumph and signals the end of a long hard slog involving three-hourly expressing in addition to very frequent feeding from just one (very sore) side.

3. I feel more confident taking two children out and about. It’s hard work and seems to involve the kind of planning more usually involved in an arctic expedition, but it can be done and I do it most days.

4. We don’t seem to have arguments about this baby. When our son was little my husband and I would frequently have heated discussions about how to look after him or what was the right thing to do, all the while with the stress noise of a screaming baby in the background. I think we must have sorted all our childcare disagreements out the first time around, because this time we are very harmoniously caring for our daughter without all the drama. We also haven’t had any arguments about who is more tired. Because obviously, it’s me. 🙂


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