Naughty pider

A small purple cat with a suction cap attached to its head by a string (this is Nini) and a cuddly Miffy have been seated on the car mat.

“Plate. Plate,” the Toddler says, meticulously placing two small plastic plates in front of his guests. “One. two. Two plates.”

He grabs a tube of mini bread sticks, which he calls “ano” – we don’t know why.

“Ano. Ano.” He puts some on Nini’s plate and some on Miffy’s. “Hello, Nini.”

“Hello!” says Nini.

The Toddler and I both take a bread stick off Nini’s plate and eat it.

“Oh dear,” he says sadly. “Mummy. S.[toddler’s name] Ano. Naughty pider.” By which he means to say: Mummy and S. were like the naughty spider who steals food off your plate, and they have taken bread sticks from poor Nini. Throughout the rest of the game, no more bread sticks are consumed. They belong to the toys.


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