No, not.

Of course, the Toddler has not been short of methods of letting me know what he does and doesn’t want up to now. There has been shrieking, tantrums, pointing and “pleeeeeeease Mummy, cakes?” But new this week is “No, not.”

“No, not home,” when it is time to leave Gran’s house.

“No, not baby. Baby liggen [=put down baby],” he says tearfully, pointing at the moses basket when he wants to hug me while I am feeding her.

Also in Dutch: “Nee, Mummy. Niet keuken” [No Mummy. Not kitchen.] when I dare to think I might have a moment to do the washing up in the morning. Apparently, CBeebies is best watched together.

And when the right words fail him to express his displeasure at a turn of events, like Mummy saying it is nap time, he will make do with simply: “No, not.”


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