Dinner with the Toddler

I am planning a post about picky eating and Baby Led Weaning, but this is not it. This is just a little snapshot of what it is like to have dinner with my son.

I show him the chinese stir fry we are having with noodles and bean sprouts. “Yaaaay!” he shouts, “Getty!”

“Yes, it is chinese spaghetti,” I confirm, in the hope of encouraging a positive attitude to the dish.

He sits up nicely at the table with his little bowl of noodles and makes yummy sounds as he carefully picks out each noodle from between the other ingredients. “Getty,” he says again appreciatively.

Thinking he might as well learn what they actually are, I say: “Noodles.”

“Doodles!” he shouts in delight. Now he thinks they have something to do with the bitey crocodile from Tilly and Friends, one of his favourite shows on CBeebies.

“Noodles,” I try again.

We settle on “oodle”. By now he has found a lovely long bit of noodle and is sliding it along the (not terribly clean) dining table going “sssssss”.

“Let Mummy have the snake,” I say, carefully keeping any urgency out of my voice, because if he knows I don’t want him to eat it that is just what he will do.

Now he dangles each noodle in the air before eating it, singing a little song that sounds vaguely familiar. I listen for a while to work out what it is. Then I realise it is from a Peppa Pig episode: “You’re a wriggly worm, you’re a wriggly worm, how do you do, I love you.”

The wheels really come off the wagon when his glass of Ribena gets involved. First he dips his fork-with-stir-fry-sauce into the Ribena. “Mixing!” he says proudly.

“No! No mixing. That’s for drinking!”

Obediently, he grabs the glass with two hands, drinks a generous gulp of Ribena-mixed-with-sauce and then tips the rest into his bowl.

Mummy gives up as the Toddler attacks his new and improved Chinese stir fry with renewed enthusiasm.


2 responses

  1. Oh, this sounds all too familiar. Mine likes to put his food into his glass of water. There’s no understanding the toddler’s mind! #OldiesButGoodies

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