I am in shock.

First of all, my daughter has found her fingers. She has decided that it is very soothing to suck on the middle and ring finger on her left hand, and it has made a dramatic difference in her sleep. Last night, I put her to bed tired but awake (like The Books tell you to), left the room for five minutes and came back in to find her asleep.

Secondly, last night for the second night in a row, she has slept right through from midnight to about 6.30 in the morning. She would have slept longer even than that, except I woke her up at that time in a panic to check she was still alive.

As she is only six weeks old, I don’t know how to feel about this. I have asked several friends and looked on websites and forums and there seem to be two contradictory schools of thought:
1) Well done! Your baby is sleeping through! Babies will always wake up if they are hungry, so if she doesn’t she must be fine. See it as a blessing and enjoy the extra sleep.
2) A six week old baby should not go that long without food as her stomach is still too small to hold enough food for such a long stretch. You should wake her up in the night until she is about three months old, because until that time babies cannot be relied on to know whether they are hungry.

What is wisdom? I have been mulling these two opposing points of view over throughout the day and cannot decide what is right. My interim conclusion is this: I believe that the true value of things is shown in the fruit they produce. I will do as I have done for now, and let her sleep at night but wake her up in the morning. But I will have her weighed more often for the moment. If she keeps gaining weight well and seems healthy and content then I will assume the mammoth sleep is not a problem.


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