Well, tomorrow we’re off to a distant unknown city on a wild and probably ill-advised adventure. The Husband has been invited to get involved in a film project up there and was told that his wife and children would also be welcome to come along. Fools!

The Toddler is going in the car with Daddy and all the stuff. We anticipate that there will not be room for me and the Baby, as going away for a week with two small children basically means taking the entire contents of your house with you, so us ladies are going by train.

I am oddly quite looking forward to a mad dash across town to the station, followed by a three hour train journey with an unwieldy pram and a baby who will need feeding at least once on the way. In a strange way I see it as a little time-travelling opportunity. I get to experience the baby bit again, without a toddler in tow, but with all the knowledge of a second time mum. This is what I keep thinking you see – I’d quite like to do the baby part with my son again. Rather like a re-sit, I suppose, where I’m hoping I’d do better now that I have the benefit of experience. For instance, to the question: “Would you take your 7 week old baby out on a train journey?” I would formerly have responded by turning white as a sheet and hiding under the duvet. Now I am pleased to tick: “Yes, and I will take my laptop so I can do some work on the way.”

But, you know. Talk to me again on Sunday. I might want to change my answer then.


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