Language soup

The Toddler is bilingual Dutch-English, as you may have gathered. At the moment, he is not yet differentiating much between which language is which and who speaks what. He likes to combine words together into sentences, but sees no need to match Dutch to Dutch and English to English. Here are some of his interlingual combinations:

While putting on his socks: “Goo-bye voeten!” [Goodbye feet!]
Pointing at our cats: “Two poezen” [two cats]
Collecting leaves on a chilly autumn walk: “Nother blaadjes” [Another leaves]
In response to a suggestion of what we could do when we get home from our chilly walk: “No, not sap drinken” [No, not drink juice]
Examining a picture of a whale eating Mr Nosey: “Walvis hap Nosey. A big walvis.” [Whale munch Nosey. A big whale.]
Handing me a book: “Tory lezen” [read a story]

I imagine that in time he will separate the two languages out and start to use them appropriately, but for now, we get language soup.


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