The Two Week Itch

A wise pastor of our acquaintance imparted a valuable piece of knowledge when our son was born: nothing with a baby lasts longer than two weeks. We clung to this during the long, screamy nights. What he neglected to mention, however, was that this goes for the good stuff as well.

It has once again proven true with our daughter. After a week or two of being inconsolable and needing to be rocked and marched up and down the stairs and held and sung to in order to drop off to sleep, she discovered she had fingers to suck on and now she just wants you to put her in a darkened room so she can drift off peacefully by herself.

I say “now”, but for the past day or two I have been wondering whether she has hit the Two Week Itch again. Sleep has most recently been preceded by some heart-rending crying as if she is in pain. Last night she wouldn’t settle at bedtime, which is very unusual, and after a few minutes of this very worrying cry I picked her up and stroked her back. A huge burp. And then peace. I put her down and she went to sleep.

When the same thing happened for her most recent nap I started to wonder whether this is her new fad: the pre-sleep-burp. We will see. Whatever happens, I think it is always wise not to get too excited about the good times with little babies – they do like to surprise you.


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