Baby S

Our actual baby’s name starts with A. Just in case the post title confused you. Before she arrived, we had started a little game with our Toddler at bath time, where we wrapped him in his little towel afterwards, scooped him up in our arms and carried him to his room saying: “Aaaa, Baby S”. Why? Well, we had read somewhere that although first children like being “big” and helping out with the baby, they have just as much of a desire to still be little and be your baby. So we thought we’d start early and give him these occasional opportunities to be babied.

He liked it back then, but just recently it has become a Very Good Game. I think it is because he knows a bit more about babies now, and so he can properly join in – with mixed consequences for his parents.

He steps out of the shower eagerly, heading straight for the hooded towel, and announces “Baby S!” We wrap him up and lie him down on the bathroom floor to put on his nappy. He starts blowing spit bubbles. “Baby S spugen melk!” [Baby S spit up milk!]. Then he dabs away the spit with a corner of the towel. “Goo goo gaga,” he adds joyfully. I bundle him up in my arms and tell him it is bedtime for Baby S and to say night night to Daddy.

“Baby S huilen!” he announces, pulling his face into a grimace. Then he starts doing a thin, wailing, fake cry.

We laughed the first time, because it was quite cute. But not anymore. Baby S now does crying everytime something is not to his liking, night or day. Nappy needs changing? Baby S huilen! Not allowed to watch TV? Baby S huilen! Toy doesn’t work? Baby S huilen!

“Noooo,” I say, “I think Baby S doesn’t want to cry. I think he’s a very happy baby. Baby S laughing!”

It hasn’t worked yet. Let’s just hope the novelty will wear off soon.


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