Personality prediction at 15 weeks

Now that my daughter is awake and alert for longer stretches in the day, I am increasingly curious about what we can already see of her personality. So I thought it would be fun to write down what I think she is like at the moment and read it back in, say, four months time to see whether the description still seems to fit.

Sociable – The Baby loves staring and smiling at people and gets cranky if she is left to her own devices/with inanimate dangly toys for too long. Often a grumpy moment can be turned to giggles by lots of attention: flying through the air, “this little piggy”, silly songs or just a little chat. Whereas at home she will get cross and tired quite quickly, when we’re out among people she is happy to look around at all the friendly faces for much longer.

Like her brother, I think she might be an observer, who looks before she leaps. I think this will become clearer in four months time, but she seems quite a gentle soul and when all around her is frenzied activity, she will look and take everything in before she decides to kick and coo with excitement or cry in distress.

Self-sufficient – again, quite a thing to deduce from a fifteen week old baby, so we will have to see later on, but she seems to be quite happy to regulate her own sleeping and waking. She doesn’t want interference from us – in fact, it makes her quite cross. She just wants to be put in bed with the light out and she can take it from there. And if you get her out of bed before she is ready she will let you know about it.

Joyful. I love watching her smile and kick her legs in excitement. I love listening to her cheerful conversational noises. This little baby just seems to have a great capacity for joy.

Let’s see if I was right – what will she be like in four months’ time? And perhaps a more philosophical question: do you think that we will be subconsciously encouraging the above traits in her now that I have put them into writing?


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