Toddler Cute Digest

A random collection of recent cute.

* The Toddler is dragging a box of duplo across the landing. “Ooof. Hard work,” he says.

* We are drawing together. I add a sun to his picture. This reminds him of his Maisy book in which Maisy and Eddie drink lemonade. “Mummy, sunshine Maisy? Maisy, Eddie? Drinken?” Obligingly, I draw a crude elephant and mouse with bottles of lemonade in the sunshine. He grabs the paper looking pleased. “Lovely picture, mama. Good drawing, mama!”

* My hair is constantly getting in the way, so I have put it up with a hair clip. The Toddler is not impressed. He stands up on the sofa behind me and starts fiddling with it. “Clip. Haar [hair]. Mummy, not clip haar anymore.”

* He is walking around with my bright red handbag, which he loves. He gets his Maisie Mouse puzzle out and carefully stacks up all the pieces. “Come on, bag. Roumbabout!” he says, and proceeds to run around the pile of puzzle pieces in a circle.

* Whenever the Toddler finds something that can act as a suitcase, he becomes Doctor S. He holds the case in one hand, draws himself up to his full height and assumes an air of authority. “Buik [tummy], Mummy.” Doctor S lifts up my jumper and prods my tummy, which is obviously in need of attention.

“I’ve got a headache, Doctor S. Can you help me?” I ask. The Doctor gives me a slightly nervous smile, then he runs off to the other side of the room where he picks up something invisible, runs back and carefully places the imaginary medicine against my head. He smiles broadly – I am now to announce that I am All Better.

* He walks into the kitchen where I have been busy cooking. He puts on his baby-S-crying face. “S huilen [crying].”
“Oh dear,” I say, “Why are you crying?”
“S anana hug.” [anana=made up word for ‘would like’]
I sweep him into a hug. Into my shoulder he says: “S happy.”


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