Having just shared some of my bad parenting moments, I thought it was a time for some of the good stuff. Yesterday, I made Story Corner:


It has proven very popular. We sat down and read four or five books together, then I went to cook dinner and the Toddler stuck around to read a bit more by himself. After bedtime, Fat Cat decided it was the perfect place for a snooze.

The Toddler remembered this morning and ran towards it when he came downstairs shouting “Tory corner!” – I assume he means ‘story’, but it is always possible that he expects to meet David Cameron there.

We have also been having fun with Duplo. The Toddler reverently lifted this magnificent creation out of the box first:


I’m sure it is instantly obvious, but just in case it isn’t, this is Mount Doom, with the Duplo baby acting as Frodo and the little Scotty dog playing the part of Gollum. It was created by our friend Z., who made it with great architectural skill, even ensuring it had that little walkway on the inside for dropping rings off of. The chicken is purely decorative.

Then Mount Doom had to make way for IJsie’s house:


IJsie de IJsbeer – or Icy the Polar Bear if you prefer – is both a skilled and a domesticated bear. He lives in this little house and is most usually seen driving his car:


His attempts at flight, however, have been less successful and ended in a rather unfortunate accident this morning.


Don’t worry, I’m sure the intrepid little bear will be up and about again in no time.


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