Lovely Pwesent

At two and five months, the Toddler now understands the concept of buying a present for someone else. He has had a lot of practise in the past week: first it was Z’s birthday. Daddy and the Toddler went to the corner shop for him to pick her a present. His first choice was a Mars bar – not just any old Mars baZoe flowerr, apparently. He gave all of them a little squeeze before settling on the ‘best’ one. My husband encouraged him away from chocolate, however, and the Toddler finally settled on the perfect present: a cuddly flower. He came home and presented it to our friend straight away with great pride, even though her birthday wasn’t until the next day. For the rest of the evening he followed her around asking her pleadingly whether he could play with the flower.

Next it was his little friend’s second birthday. We went to a toy shop to pick her a present. The Toddler browsed the shop for interesting toys for himself while Gran and I found something for his friend. As soon as we got back home with the present, the Toddler was in the bag and poking his finger through the cellophane to inspect it. It had to be hidden until the appropriate time, or I think he would have been giving the present a little trial run to see if it was genuinely fun to play with.

mummy teddyThen yesterday the Toddler went on a little outing to the shops to find a Mother’s Day present. Apparently, the choice was very easy. He made a bee line for this little bear: “Mummy Teddy!” He gave it a test-cuddle, which I gather was successful, as the bear came home. He carried the little bag with the bear himself and as soon as he came in through the door, he handed me the bag triumphantly saying: “Mummy pwesent!”

Clearly, the idea of buying something for somebody else is fun and exciting – the concept of waiting until a particular day to give it to them, however, still needs some work.


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