Fear Not – Prose for Thought

This post comes with a Sad Alert: If you are in any way hormonal at the moment or easily depressed, perhaps it would be better to go look at funny pictures of cats instead.

I have been discovering a lot of other blogs online recently and in between all the witty and light-hearted stories have also ended up reading sad stories about miscarriages and SIDS. Suffice it to say I have spent quite a lot of time not just laughing but also blubbering at the computer. So, what do you do when you are overwhelmed with The Sad? Write poetry of course.

This poem is about fear. The moment you find out you are pregnant, you start to worry about the new life inside you, and if you let yourself you can spend the next 18+ years worrying about your child. When I found out I was expecting my son, my mother in law gave me the little ornament in the picture and it has seen me through to this day. In this poem I have tried to put into words what it says to me.

Fear Not

I read about death sometimes and weep
hot tears of grief for another’s loss
and I am gripped with fear, I clutch you close
to ward off the day that you too must go.

Not now, I say, not soon, not ever,
I wish for long days and years with you
but my mind conjures up scenes of dread:
an accident on a busy road
a sudden illness, a fall, a fire
or a cold limp body in a bed.

Tears come and keep coming for my imagined lossGods hand
and I resolve to do better at keeping you safe
No “oh that will hold” or “let’s see if it goes away”
No compromises, no complacent joy.

But I cannot stop life
and this life does not last
I must not waste yours with my fear
Instead I must give you away
in faith
into a surer pair of hands
that will carry you from first to last
and beyond into a brighter, better world

(c) Judith Kingston

Check out Helen’s poetry here if you want to see what set me off. Bring tissues.

I am also linking this up to Prose for Thought at Victoria Welton’s blog.

Prose for Thought

15 responses

    • It’s so hard not to, isn’t it? They are so small and fragile, and yet fearlessly running away from us into independence. Argh!

    • Thank you for your kind words and for hosting Prose for Thought, I hadn’t written much poetry since my son was born and this has inspired me to start again. And it’s so great to read everyone else’s poetry too and discover new blogs.

    • True – I never really understood this until I had my own. I was always all for giving children independence. Now I can’t imagine an age at which I’d let my kids walk to the shops on their own…

      • On Friday night for the 1st time in 34 years I closed my front door and none of my babies were coming home !!!! all flown away , youngest left at 27 years , still did not wish to let go x

  1. Beautiful words. We would wrap them in cotton wool if we could. I don’t think that worry will every really go away not matter how big and independent our children become! I love your poem and thank you so much for mentioning mine xx

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