Embarrassing Moments in my Life

A poem I wrote a while ago – it speaks for it self, I believe.


Embarrassing moments in my Life


Remember that diary that wasn’t in Dutch

like you thought it would be?

How you opened it, just at the page

that said “I LOVE HIM!!!!”

in desperate, gawky letters

not meant for eyes other than my own

and how you laughed and laughed

and I went cold inside?


And remember the tent?

When we thought they’d be gone for hours

so we could – you know –

but they weren’t

and your little brother –

it wasn’t even good.


Or remember the time I lied

or the other time I lied

or all those times I said something dumb

those little splinters sticking

in the pin-cushion of my mind.


I’d invent Life Tip-exx if I could

if only that were possible

not to see your mocking face

or relive my shame


You do remember all that

don’t you?


(c) Judith Kingston, 2009


Linking up to Prose for Thought, hosted by the excellent Victoria Welton.

Prose for Thought

16 responses

  1. Brilliant! I have so many of these moments! I wonder if they are more embaressing to us than to others, I like the last line, do others remember them as much as we do?! (I also hate being reminded by others of embaressing situations that I have forgotten about but they seemingly haven’t!)

    • I find often these moments are etched in my memory but the other person looks at me blankly if I bring it up! But yes, worse yet if they have always remembered when you successfully repressed it.

  2. Oh goodness, last week with my embarassing confession on your blog, and now this! 😉 Judith, as always, your way with words have really captivated me..and I love the splinters and pin cushion analogy – that’s how it feels for me when I look back and cringe at embarrassing moments xx

    • You inspired me, as always. 🙂 As a teenager and even in my early twenties I would often lie awake at night running these kinds of memories through my head, torturing myself with them. Thankfully, I seem to have got over that now. Maybe it was labour. Nothing embarrasses me anymore after giving birth!

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