Too wibbly-wobbly

The Boy is almost three and his language is getting more and more sophisticated and imaginative. His current craze is adjectives, especially with modifiers. He has noticed that you can give reasons for your choices and that they usually involve “too”+adjective. His favourite adjective is wibbly-wobbly, but he is happy to try all sorts or even invent his own. He first rolled out his new repertoire when I was helping him get dressed one morning:

“Would you like to wear your Bob the Builder t-shirt today?”
“No, mama, is too wibbly-wobbly. Too cutting-things-out,”

Too wibbly-wobbly. Too climbing-up-high.

Too wibbly-wobbly. Too climbing-up-high.

On a trip to our local playground the Boy was very keen to get up to the crow’s nest to make friends with the 6 year old girl who seemed to have got herself stuck up there. He had a go at the ladder, but being a cautious lad, he decided it was not going to work. “Too wibbly-wobbly, Mummy. Too climbing-up-high.” There was also the option of climbing up a net to get there, but that was “too squeaky”.

Today’s episode of Roary the Racing Car was not to his liking (“Is too tricky”) and a chicken and bacon sandwich was rejected on the grounds that it was “too lucky” and the mayonnaise “too slimy”.

I have got so used to the inappropriate adjectives that it is almost funnier when he gets the right one, for instance:

I hear a suspicious sound and shout “Don’t touch that!”
The Boy responds from the other room: “Too late.”

Good experiences also get awarded adjectives, paired with “really”. I appeared dressed up for a wedding one morning and he exclaimed to my great delight: “Really beau’ful dress, Mummy. Beau’ful flowers.”

But sadly it is no longer just Mummy who is the most wonderful and beautiful woman in the world. After a long spell of being Numberjack obsessed, the Boy now has a new favourite programme almost daily. A favourite of the moment is the new CBeebies pirate-themed game show Swashbuckle and while doing some piratey craft he asked me to draw Gem, the presenter.

His eyes gleamed as he looked at the picture. “Gem really soft,” he said full of admiration. “Really pretty Gem.”

Finally, he has also discovered that he can give his approval or disapproval added oomph by choosing more extreme adjectives. When he first saw Angelina Ballerina, his verdict was: “I love that one. That’s amazing.” And the spoonful of Piriton I gave him to swallow was forcefully ejected all over me. “That’s gisgusting!”


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  1. This is so sweet and made me smile (especially the ‘too late’ response)! Peanut is obsessed with naming every car (auto – Polish), bus (baaaah), dog (woof woof) and bird(whaa-whaa) on the way to nursery. I started thinking in toddler babble… 😉 x

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