Stay at Home


Stay at Home

Was it fear of time alone with you?
Too much time just you and you and me,
a remnant of the early days when
panic flooded me at double cries
and “Help!” I’d cry at crack of dawn
“Come and help, they’re both awake!”

I drag these bright and cheery faces
here and there from house to shops
to parks to groups to Gran to town.
We play and rush and chat with friends,
we hurry hurry put on shoes and sunscreen
search for missing hats and vitally essential toys.

Now illness, mild and barely there,
has anchored us to home, in place.
Long days, four walls, dream space
time for every game and time to spare

Endless hours we have to fill until
in swathes of time alone distill
the essence of what draws us near
that purest love that casts out fear.


Endless time for play dough numbers


13 responses

  1. Judith this is beautiful. I used to worry about days at home when the children were younger but have learnt to enjoy them. Having a big(ish) age gap has helped me realise just how fast time flies and I am trying to love each moment as much as possible before it moves on again.

  2. I thought this was really good and loved the quick pace in the second stanza reflecting the busyness and the beautiful rhyming couplets in the last slowing it down for those endless hours to fill…

    • Before I have always found it a challenge, but the endless quarantine made me decide to completely embrace it and revel in it. I resigned myself to lots of TV, but it was almost as if that decision made me more able to avoid it and think of other fun stuff to do.

  3. Lovely! I love the way it slows right down and seems almost dreamy at the end. Agree that a bit of down time is important for kids as well as adults. Time to just ‘be’

  4. This is so well written and brings back such memories. There is a comfort in shutting yourself away with children when they are poorly. Thank you for your fabulous writing and for linking to Prose for Thought x

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