One year (almost) gone

A few more weeks and the Girl will be one. She is working hard on learning to walk, is climbing on top of everything and I am sure that by the time her birthday rolls around she will be looking at baby-hood in the rear view mirror as she speeds on towards toddler-hood and from there to world domination.

Contemplating her next move

Contemplating her next move

One year gone

First summer closing, streets returning
from languor-filled summer spaces
to the frantic thorough-fare
that busy generations share
now with hopeful hearts and faces
new start, new dawn, new time of learning

First summer gone and the world is turning
from sunshine lingering and delaying
sharing evenings with the moon
back to early bedtime soon
chill on the wind and colours greying
so nature keeps on turning and returning

Your first summer gone and you are learning
to stand, speak, walk, never slowing,
expert now, you’ve seen it all
one year gone, now back to fall
I mustn’t, cannot, stop you growing
As you run on, never turning or returning

Me and my girl

Me and my girl

Read more poetry and prose over at Prose for Thought, hosted by Victoria Welton.


9 responses

    • Yes it made me feel sad too! I didn’t set out to make it a sad poem but I guess my leaning is towards the wistful.

      You can keep telling yourself to savour each moment and that it will never return, but somehow that never really seems to temper the annoyance of dawdling, whining, or wilful disobedience, I find…

  1. Another stunning offering from you Judith. This is beautiful 🙂 Grace started walking two days before her first birthday! Sounds like your little one is nearly there too. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x

    • Thank you! My girl is almost there, although the past few days she seems to be taking a little break from practising and has decided crawling is quicker and easier after all! Will keep you posted. 🙂

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