Live Poetry: Jelly Fish

Jelly fish

This is not me.

please don’t admire
this alabaster shell, worn smooth
by wind and rain
and other people’s words

please don’t envy me
these spikes I’ve grown
to ward off critics
and keep the truth at bay

please don’t be fooled
by who I wish I were
and who I’d like to be;
my aspirations are not me.

please peel away this shell
and see
the jelly fish inside:

My fears and guilt and doubt
The tears that won’t come out
The things unsaid and jobs not done
All the arguments never begun

this is me.
love this blob
and get me for free
in all my beautiful uncertainty.


(c) Judith Kingston


You can hear this poem read aloud along with poems by Sarah Miles, Stephanie Arsoska, Helen Braid and Ellie Danak on Youtube.

Linked up to Prose for Thought.


10 responses

    • You mean the fear of seeing yourself live? I don’t think I have yet seen any of the open mic nights all the way through myself. Last time I caught a glimpse of myself sneakily eating pasta off screen (as I thought) and quickly switched it off again…

      Thanks for your lovely encouraging comment!

  1. Oh how I have missed your poems Judith. This is stunning, beautifully written and sums up our vulnerability so completely. I particularly loved the last verse. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x

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