I will be wearing nothing but words: poets bare all

Less than a week until I get to meet some of my very favourite writers/bloggers in real life. In honour of this momentous occasion I could post a little profile of myself or show you pictures of the clothes I will be wearing (I can’t, I haven’t decided what to wear and anyway, all my clothes are in the wash), but instead I wrote a poem as a little tribute to all the wonderful writers that I am getting to know.




We stretch out a hand
and leaves turn
reluctant or relieved
to show the shadow-side
of the statue hewn
polished and displayed
for eyes other than our own.

It is no surprise.

What propels us to
page after page
of verse or prose
rhyme, metre, blank,
with plot or not
but a violent reflex
to puke up our pain?

Inside it lurks and eats
until we waste away
but here held in my hand
it is less than nothing
that thing I shape, control,
fashion into ugly,
beautiful, crafted life.


(c) Judith Kingston, 2014


Hope to see all you Prose for Thought and Paper Swans people on Friday!

If you really need to know, I will probably be wearing shoes.

If you really need to know, I will probably be wearing shoes.


17 responses

  1. Fabulous poem and I will look out for someone wearing shoes. That should narrow it right down.
    (See you in the first coffee break, if not before!)

    • You won’t be hard to spot! I noticed on the Britmums photo from last year that you were wearing the same red checked shirt you are planning to wear this year!!

  2. That is beautiful Judith. I can’t believe it’s already a year since the last britmumslive and I think we have all changed so much and developed in our own ways. Can’t wait to see you again x

    • Incredible, isn’t it! It seems like yesterday. And this time I won’t have an attractive baby as my fashion accessory. I will just have to bring a handbag instead, I guess!

  3. I’m tempted to say ‘and with words like these, who needs clothes?!’ but… maybe clothes might be good too! starting to feel a bit envious that I’m not going – maybe next year? Hope you have a great time. x

    • Yes I think it might be advisable to wear some clothes of some description. Inspired by the photo I put in this post I have washed the dress I was wearing in the picture as a possible outfit… Sad you’re not going!!

  4. What a brilliant response to the ‘what will you be wearing?’ question which i have to say does start to get me down after a while…we’ll ALL be wearing words! That’s whats brought us to BML in the first place. And i think meeting people you write poetry with is even more special as its such a personal craft. See you on Friday! x

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