The Real Reasons I was Cross Today

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I got cross a lot today, kids, and this is why.

It wasn’t because you ran ahead out of sight.

Well, it was because you ran ahead out of sight.

But mostly it was because you tried to justify it, because you tried to absolve yourself, by saying it wasn’t you, it was the choo choo train you were riding, which didn’t have a stop before the bend so you couldn’t get off. I was cross because you kept insisting the train was real and it really wasn’t your choice, your responsibility.

And it wasn’t because you spilled the water.

Well, it was also because you spilled the water.

But mostly it was because you spilled the water and walked away and didn’t tell me, and by the time I noticed, the water had soaked through Mog’s Christmas, an exercise book, the Disney Princess colouring book, a cut out Elsa and Anna and a full set of lidless felt tips.

And I got even more cross because you didn’t seem bothered that all that stuff was ruined or that I was cross with you.

And it wasn’t because you wouldn’t tie your shoelaces.

It was because you didn’t even want to have a go. Because you said you would do it yourself tomorrow or the day after but I ‘had’ to do it today. It was because you wanted to take a day off from the responsibilities of being 5.

To be honest,

I also got cross because I too get tired of taking responsibility for stuff. And sometimes I wish you kids would make all that a bit easier by doing your bit.

And sometimes I am jealous,
and I wish there was someone that I could
hold my foot up to and say:
you do it.
I’m not in the mood today.
Can you please tie my shoelaces?


4 responses

  1. I think we can all relate to this Judith. I have had quite similar experiences today with Monkey refusing to put on his shoes, scooting off out of sight etc. etc. It would be lovely to just say no, I don’t want to today wouldn’t it? To be that carefree and to know someone else would sort everything out! Xx

    • Exactly! Sometimes I think I wasted my childhood on being too serious – I remember once tearfully trying to make a friend understand that I really couldn’t play outside with her by showing her my homework diary. I should have just gone and played!

  2. Oh I remember the frustration so well how lovely to be able to abdicate responsibility for a day how lovely if someone else would do it!! Big hugs from me!! Barbara x

  3. Thought provoking post Judith. There’s usually a meatier reason behind our crossness. Although sometimes it’s just that like you, I’m tired and want someone to look after me. I feel your pain!

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