The Cast

 notebook avatar I am wife, mother, writer, translator, teacher, traveller, drawer, muser, quoter and consumer of cakes. Also, I am Dutch.
 hat O avatar The Husband creates awe-inspiring films and improvises tenor parts to just about anything.
 shoes Z avatar The Fairy Godmother (aka, the Lodger) has beautiful shoes, a mountain of sheet music, a solution for everything and best of all, manages to put the kids to bed in half the time it takes me.
 four avatar
The Boy (S.) is five and is a bilingual mathematician who adds smiley faces to everything he draws. He would also like you to know that he needs his latest craft project to be laminated now now NOW.
 mog The Girl (A.) is three. To keep her occupied, just give her two objects of a similar size, and she will take them on dangerous rescue missions to be reunited with their family.
 FatCat avatar Fat Cat would like it to be known that it is dinner time.
 ThinCat avatar Thin Cat is a ninja warrior, who leaves the house if anyone makes a sudden move, and dead mice on the doorstep.

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