Loud ‘n Proud: How to Make Friends and Fake Reading

Hey Gamers!

Me, adventuring.

Me, adventuring.

I can see some new faces, so I’d probably better start by introducing myself: I’m The Girl (or GamerGirl2012) and sometimes when the Mummy is busy or asleep I hack into her laptop (not hard, she hasn’t changed her password for years) and go online to update all my toddler friends on how I’m getting on playing Life Game.  I joined this fully immersive RPG about 19 months ago and haven’t looked back.

I’m half way through Level 1 of Life Game now and I thought I’d share my latest discoveries with you, particularly the two great skills that I have been putting all my experience points into over the past few months.

They’re called Perception and Memory and the effects are quite remarkable: I only have to hear a character’s name a few times before I start using it, which gives me a massive influence boost over the character in question. Picture this, gamers: you’re doing a Play Date quest and your cuddle bar is running low. You could just run up to the nearest Mummy and whine, but if you say her name, and especially if you add “hugs?”, she will cuddle you until your bar is full and beyond, plus she will tell all her Mummy friends about it and that gives you Fame points. Learning your friends’ names will fast track the friendship process and turn them into reliable side kicks.

Thanks to my awesome Perception, I have noticed that the programmes on the Magical Viewing Device have theme max_and_rubytunes. If you also have Memory, you can memorise the tunes. Then, if you randomly start singing “Max-a Wubeeeeeeeee!” (Max & Ruby), it instantly neutralises the Mummy’s hostility towards the Viewing Device and she will actively go and switch it on and find the show for you. It also works if you say the names of the characters, but I think the music must actually be a spell of some sort because it has an instant effect. NB: The Miffy theme tune-spell requires you to hug a cuddly bunny while singing it. Don’t know why, it’s just one of those things.


You may have noticed a Bunny theme. I won’t let you in on all the details because you have to figure this out for yourself, but bunnies are the key. Oh yes. They are VITAL to completing Life Game successfully.



So, what else can Perception and Memory do? From very early on I’ve been wise to the power of books. For months, I have been searching through the bookcase in The Bedroom for the tome that will give me the right spells for completing some of my trickier missions (Open Door, Get Inside Washing Machine, Play Outside for Ever, Re-attach to Mummy, Make Doll Drink Juice etc.) I empty that bookcase every single night, but so far no luck. In fact, it seems to have a negative effect on my relationship with the Mummy, who starts shouting and returns the books to the bookcase in a totally different order! That just means I have to do it again immediately so I can find the best volumes again and put them in my inventory for later.

I think the trick to books is taking the Read skill. I have noticed The Brother has put a few points in it recently, because he can now identify which

Willing grown up found.  Great success.

Willing grown up found. Great success.

supermarket the jam and the freezer bags have come from. He can also read “tiger” and “Maisy”. I have tried adding points to Read but I think it must be an Advanced Skill because it’s greyed out. Anyway, I have found a way round it: you take the book to a grown up and push it into their hands saying “tory?”. Then you make yourself comfortable on their lap and listen carefully to what they say. If your Memory is good, this means that later you can “read” the book yourself. Or at least, bits of it. Example:

FLOPThe Girl reads from “Dear Santa”“Izza? Nooooooo! Izza? Nooooooo!”

The Girl reads from “Some Dogs Do”“Sdo. Fly! Oh Ben. Flop.”

The Girl reads from “Penguin” “Duck!” [failed my Perception-check on that one] “Ben! Haha! Lion! Ow! Wow, Ben!”

The Girl reads from “Dora the Explorer: Bedtime Explorers“: “Dowa! Boots! Baby, baby. Map! Back pack! Jump! Night night, Dowa.”

The most significant volumes of Lore I have found so far are those in which all my favourite people appear. I don’t know how such a thing is possible, but there is a whole pile of these books on top of the bookcase, and when you get your hands on these precious stories, you can do Naming AND Reading all at the same time!

There must be important secrets encoded in these books

There must be important secrets encoded in these books

So I think I’ve made my case: Perception and Memory are the most important skills you can have.

Movement, you say? Climb? Balance? Run? Who needs those when you can be cute and get The Mummy to carry you everywhere? Or better still, you can just give it a go and make a roll at half your Agility. Then when you fall and hurt yourself, you can say “Ow! Head!” and get even more cuddles! Bonus!

Well, that’s it for me – now it’s over to you, Gamers! This is a special post called a Linky – if you have acquired any great skillz or completed any quests, click below and you will get to a separate page where you can link up your own post. Do it, do it! I’m dying to hear how far you are all lagging behind how well you are doing. I’ll come and visit of course and leave smug supportive comments.

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